(PWC) Juvenile Detention

Prince William County (PWC) Juvenile Detention Center (JDC) Mission
The Juvenile Detention Center provides short-term care of children apprehended for delinquency who require secure custody for their own protection, or that of the community, in a physically restricting facility. The majority of children are held pending Court disposition or transfer to another jurisdiction or agency. A few children may be held temporary for as long as 30 days.
Mission Statement of the Star Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church (SBMBC) Evangelism Ministry Team for the PWC JDC:

The Star Bethlehem Evangelism Ministry Team provides monthly visits to the PWC JDC to facilitate Empowering Youth Sessions which help enable youth that are held at the secure facility to be prepared for future success upon release. The visits include essay writing and poetry sessions that enable the young men and women to explore and develop writing and public speaking skills. Other meetings include job application, resume writing workshops and interview techniques. During the “How to Have an Effective Interview Session.” skills such as, dressing for success, the early bird catches the worm, effective interview techniques and making an impression after the interview has ended are discussed and rehearsed through mock interviews. The SBMBC Team also provides birthday acknowledgements for youth that are held during their birth month and “learning to love books” summer reading programs.